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Re: [Icehouse] IIT Long Form Report

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 05 Jul 2006 09:49:56 -0400
--On July 4, 2006  "Elliott C. Evans" <eeyore@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm trying to make up for posting last year's report on the
Monday before the IIT, by posting this year's report on the
Tuesday *after* the IIT.

Thanks Eeyore!
Both for running the tourney and the prompt posting of the results!

Who would have thought 17 years ago, at Disclave, running that
first tournament around the pool...  that this would still be
going on almost two decades later.  Wow that's cool.

Random trivia - the short little round felt covered table that
Andy brought to play Homeworlds on at Origins this year is one of
the original tables we made to play that first Icehouse tournament
around the pool.  AND that cool little wooden scepter that Dave made
for that first tournament is still being passed along each year
to the new winner. What an awesome community of Icehouse players!

On a more modern note - we played TONS of Treehouse games at
Origins this year - and it was an overwhelming success. I don't
have an exact number back yet, but sales were spectacular. The
reactions to this new little pyramid game from the general gaming
community was awesome. They loved it, and not only did we sell
more pyramids than ever at the show this year, but sales of
the book Playing with Pyramids was way up as well. We are seeing
a similar increase in orders of PWP from our distributors as well,
so it looks like everything I was hoping for from Treehouse from
a sales/promotion of the Icehouse game system is coming true.
Now I just need to get going on my marketing plans...  :)

Big thanks to everyone at Origins who played Treehouse with everyone!