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Re: [Icehouse] IIT Long Form Report

  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 5 Jul 2006 11:32:09 -0500
Elliott C. Evans writes:
>The last game in the finals was basically a run-off between Julian Lighton and
>Josh Kronengold.

Don't believe him.

It was basically a three-way fight with a strong fourth from Liam.
Eeyore and I won the first two games, so winning the third would have
locked down the tournament.
Julian, despite losing the first two games, had the second highest
score (to mine), so winning the third while beating me by five points
would win it for him.
As for Liam, he was a long shot, but enough points would have done it
-- the spread wasn't that large.

Because of the nature of the scores, I was looking at a tough fight --
my superior score made me an easy political target.  So I was locked
out of an early fortress, and came under heavy fire by Liam very

With a lot of iced defenders, I really wanted to get some prisoners,
so I looked for a target, and there was Eeyore, with no fortress,
eight pieces on his stash, and two uniced defenders.  So...I tried to
work that angle...but ended up over-extending and letting myself get
put in the icehouse (after a false Icehouse call by Liam, who
miscounted the number of pieces on -my- stash).

The other Icehouse call in the tournament, BTW, was me icehousing

>Congratulations to Josh "Orange" Drobina, who took time out from
>being Rabbit

Congrats to everyone!  And thanks, Eeyore, for running the tournament!
(and to everyone who helped)

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