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[Icehouse] Martian Shuffleboard on the wiki

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 22 Jan 2007 13:04:15 -0700
Per advice from Carol, I have gone ahead and made a Icehouse.org
wiki entry:

It should be easier to keep track of discussions--and keep things
threaded and organized--if we move it to there, folks.

But so long as folks reply here, I will also answer here.
"To me it sounds more like horseshoes or bocce than shuffleboard"

Good point, Dale. But both of those have a pea--or a stake--and
the irony of Martian "Sliding Game" is that the potential "targets"
change frequently during one game. Also, the scoring varies, the
more accurate one is--though maybe that's a *bit* horsehoe-like.

Not to just shoot things down, but the style of play really isn't
much like either of those throwing games. I almost never bowl
bocce; I'm a high caster dive bomber! :) And if you're sliding
horseshoes, you're probably not winning often. ;)
"Do I understand correctly that you can never score anything for a
large you have out there?  Any reason not to send that off the edge
of the table, then?"

Good observation--demonstrating that I forgot a TOTALLY KEY element.

You are only supposed to score for having a smaller piece within a
Small height of an OPPONENT'S larger piece....

HOWEVER, Carlton's counter-reply actually makes so much sense to me
that I am NOT going to correct the wiki to explicitly require
opponent targeting. Rather, I am going to correct it to make the
fact that one can score off one's own pieces explicit.

NEW RULE TEXT: If ANY of your pieces is within a Small height of
ANY larger piece, you score points equal to the value of that larger
piece, regardless of its color.

(Isn't it amazing how one can spend an hour or more writing up
some rules only to discover that VERY basic assumptions are not yet
documented? Wild....)
More to come, via the wiki. I'll let folks know when it's out of
development, if you folks tend to avoid games in design flux....

(FYI, Ikkozendo is now officially out of play test--I have played
 it MANY times since its creation, and I think I have stumbled into
 just about every issue, by now. One or two clarifying updates might
 occur in the future, particularly if folks find problems and post
 them to the Discussion page of the wiki. But, for now, it's Gold.)

David Artman

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