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[Icehouse] "Finishing the rainbow"

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 25 Jan 2007 09:52:14 -0700
Fred Poutre wrote:
> Personally I like to see the rainbow theme of colors finished, in
> both transparent and solid colors.

Hear, hear! This is a cool idea which is so obvious that it makes me
 wonder why it's not yet in the works. Is it because a solid piece is
 generally less useful, for games, than a transparent?

(Aside: What kind of games could we make that take advantage of the
 opacity of solids? Maybe a variant of Mastermind, where solid(s) are
 used to cover up a "secret" piece(s), and then some kind of grab-bag
 from which players pull the pieces not hidden under the solid, and
 then try to guess based on what's been seen? Hmmm....)

I am not sure what other colors are needed for transparent to be
 "complete." We got ROYGBIV as red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue,
 and purple; what's missing? Clear actually makes "too many" but
 that's a bit moot, really, and clear also makes for the best
 pieceniking.... (Maybe clear is "infrared colored?" ;) )

But in solids, we only have white, black, and gray. So the entire
 ROYGBIV range is available, for solid/opaque.

Ah, I get it-- if clear is transparent white, then there is still room
 for a transparent gray and transparent black. Of course, having tried
 to play games with blue (which is WAY too dark, IMO), maybe transparent
 black would be about useless and no different, in effect, than solid

TO Looney Labs:
As a perhaps larger, generalized variation on this question, if you can
 reveal the answer without compromising your business:

What does it actually entail to add a product to your catalog?
 * Setting up the production run(s)
 * Investing in initial run inventory
 * Modifying literature and web site
 * ???

I ask because so many Rabbit suggestions seem (from the outside) to be
 trivial to setup, production-wise and in terms of adding to the
 catalog, and yet so many of the ideas end up back-burnered or never
 get pursued. I am guessing that there's a pretty significant setup
 and minimum quantity, with your production folks; which makes even a
 new color of pyramid stash a major investment and risk. Heck, the
 Xeno-colored Martian Coasters proposal seemed like something that
 would take five minute in PhotoShop and an e-mail to your printer
 provider... unless that provider, in turn, wants a stack of cash to
 make plates and wants a large initial run.

SO is the deterrent an initial investment and risk issue? Or does it
 come down to warehousing inventory? Or some other consideration of
 which we aren't aware? What could print on demand do to mitigate some
 of these considerations, for some products (ex: rules books, cards,
 game boards)?

I know this is kind of sensitive request, and please take it as coming
 from one who wants to see more Looney Labs stuff serving more tastes
 and target markets. I just really am curious about what most drives
 y'all's prioritization and expansion of products....

Thanks, and apologies if this asks too much--you always have the right
 to say "no comment," of course! ;)
David Artman

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