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Re: [Icehouse] "Finishing the rainbow"

  • FromFred Poutre <cloven-fruit@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 26 Jan 2007 07:14:28 -0700
Well, the transparent colors cover ROYGBP (Shoving IV to just purple, is
fine, as matter of fact according to my students science books they are
now teaching colors of light with no IV, and just purple).
They would just need solid colors for these. I agree that utilizing these
for hiding other pyramids, in a game, would be a very good use. Might be
good with a strategy game, where the solids represent shielding that can
not be read through (space ship shielding, or psychic defenses maybe).
With the middle and small pyramids being abilities, specified by color.
Transparent clear, could be transparent white, that I agree with.
Then we would need a transparent black and grey. Which be different
shades of "smokey" transparent colors. Which at least we know they do
have the plastic for, somewhere, as these are popular colors in dice.
The only color missing at all is brown. Which is at least partially
represented in transparent with rootbeer.

Fred Poutre
Cloven Fruit Games

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