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[Icehouse] Re: New game: Shield Bashers. Needs playtesting.

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 01 Mar 2007 10:54:52 -0700
First, I like the look of the game, and the premise
 of taking advantage of opaque pieces is a good one.
 I have thought about that, from time to time, and
 about all I could come up with was a game similar
 to Mastermind... which was pretty dull, actually.

Second, I think you'd get a bit more interest if you
 posted it to the icehouse.org wiki. You can link to
 it from the Games In Development page, and I think
 more folks would see it. I would also go ahead and
 write it up in the wiki, so others can (for instance)
 help with editing and clarification. Also, the Talk
 page that you'll get with your main page makes for a
 good repository for development discussion (as opposed
 to a bunchy of e-mails on this list or elsewhere).

Third, I see one big drawback, that you might want to
 consider: a full grey stash is only available to folks
 who have Carrots to spend. Further, they might go the
 way of the dodo someday. SO... would the game still
 work if, say, one used Clears instead of Grey? No,
 you wouldn't be able to use Clear for the 3-pip shield,
 but maybe that's not a real problem? It would, at the
 least, reduce the Combat chart a bit.

Fourth, about that chart: is there a way you might make
 it more intuitive to understand the underlying "pattern"
 or methodology? As it it now, I feel like I'd need it
 to reference during play, which is sort of a drag. That's
 the sort of thing folks might be able to help with, on
 the Talk page of the wiki.

Good looking game!

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