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Re: [Icehouse] Re: New game: Shield Bashers. Needs playtesting.

  • From"Eric Wald" <eswald@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 2 Mar 2007 09:37:50 -0700
On 3/1/07, Chris Johnson wrote:
> However, on first glance I notice that the Destroyers are color-bound.
> This makes them worth somewhat less than the Frigates, which is slightly
> unintuitive given the pip values.  More seriously, it makes draws
> possible, if two people have opposite-colored Frigates.

By traveling on the diagonal, they effectively travel twice as fast as
the Frigates.  But I suppose that Frigates are faster, but Destroyers
are more powerful...  Perhaps whenever two ships of the same colour are
side-by-side they could swap places as a move.

Simply swapping places is a good idea, but not quite enough to solve the
problem of draws.  Allow Destroyers to attack a piece to the side, and
you have a complete system.  That also makes an interesting progression
of piece power, but could be slightly confusing.

I may take a leaf from the Looney Labs book and completely re-write the
victory conditions.  For example; the backstory I wrote talks about
fighting over resources.  Perhaps a pile of pyramids could be placed in
the center of the board and the winner is the first player to collect
more than half.  Or one pyramid and the winner is the first to get it
back to their corner.

The resources in the center is an interesting condition; I'd like to see
how it works out in practice.  Note that there would have to be an equal
pile in each of the four center squares.

- Eric

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