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  • Frommadlab.rabbit.krishaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 07 Mar 2007 20:33:12 +0900
This one time, at band camp, Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com wrote:
> Well - as we are now on the topic of Second Life...
> There are also some existing game stuff in Second Life.  eltee  
> Statosky has a Zendo set.  It is set out for play in Perry (SE corner  
> I think).  You can also get a free copy there.
> I've been working on a fully scripted version of IceTowers for a  
> while now.  Not quite ready for play, but almost.
> I joined the looney labs fan group in world.  I'm Zarf Vantongerloo.   
> Feel free to contact me in world.

Thanks Mark!

To everyone who joins the group in SL;

Currently there are two generally available titles in the Looney Labs
Fans group: Blab Rabbit and Demo Rabbit.  Blab Rabbit is available
automatically.  If you're a Demo Rabbit, tell me in an in-SL IM and I'll
add you to the group.  If you'd like something else, like "Beta Rabbit"
or "Designer Rabbit", again, tell me "in-game" and I'll create the group
and add you to it.  But please only request things that are more or less

Nice to see some new members.  I'll make sure that LL news is broadcast
using the group's messaging system.

BTW, the Zendo co-ords are Perry 245, 25, 25

Yours, Chris J.  (Krisjohn Twin in SL)

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