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  • FromAndy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 14 Mar 2007 13:30:18 -0500
Hey Starship Captains! As you probably know, I've been making short films to post on YouTube. I'm planning to make one that depicts a complete sample game of Homeworlds, and I'm looking for a script, if you will, to turn into a screenplay.

Since I want the complete turn by turn account of a full game, I'm figuring one of the completed games archived over at SuperDuperGames would be perfect. But which one? So many games have been played, by so many people, how do I pick one that showcases everything I'd want to talk about without going on forever? The ideal sample game would provide a nice series of examples of different situations & strategies with an interesting climax and a swift decision finish.

So, I toss the question out to you. Can someone point me to the record of a particularly interesting Binary Homeworlds game you've played?

I suppose I really should be posting this over on the Super Duper Games message boards but frankly, I'm ashamed to show my e-face over there these days, since it's been so many months since I got around to taking my turn in any of the games I was playing there. (I'm sorry dudes I've just been overwhelmingly busy!) And anyway, I didn't want to make this challenge seem as though it's open only to SuperDuperGamers... if you've got a complete game to recommend, recorded in some other fashion, feel free to show it to me.

If no one has any better suggestions, I'll probably just dramatize the sample game Russell & I played by mail a few years ago:


Thanks for your input!

-- Andy Looney

PS to TwoShort: I love your ZPIP challenge!
PS to Josh: I'll bet you could take TwoShort down! Go for those ZPIPs!

--On March 12, 2007 12:18:24 PM -0600 Robert Bryan <rbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Christopher Hickman wrote:

> what are my chances of actually winning a game against you if I don't
> know how to play?

 It was pointed out by separate email that I hadn't said what my
username on SDG was.  It's "TwoShort".  In the interest of putting this
challenge in perspective, I am the highest rated Homeworlds player on
SDG.  This doesn't mean I'm the absolute best; there are two people I've
played at SDG that I would give better than even odds of beating me the
next time they try.  On the other hand, those two people are the same
two that already have ZPIPs.
 So if you haven't played much before, your chances of beating me are
probably not that great, but they're not zero either - I do screw up
with some frequency.  If you'd rather have a more relaxed game, I still
want to encourage you to give Homeworlds a try, so challenge me anyway
and let me know in the comments that you don't want to play for the
ZPIPs.  I'll still try to win, but I'll feel freer to give you hints and
answer questions about my thinking, etc.  If you want to play for the
ZPIPs, I'm going to try my best to crush you :)
 I'll also note that I thought up this scheme last night, and have yet
to think through all the details (Is "next" in order of game start or
end?  Does the game I'm in the middle of count?) etc.  When I figure all
that out I'll repeat the challenge in a forum post over at SDG, but for
now I'll just warn people that the fine print is subject to change.
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