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[Icehouse] Icehousegames.org Wiki Administration

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 13 Apr 2007 07:42:27 -0700
>Should we perhaps set up a mailing list just for discussing the wiki?

I need another mailing list to check like I need a seventh hole in my

Look, a cursory review of the Icehouse list recently shows that, on
average, there's about 6five or six posts a day. Not exactly burning up
the Intertubes.

Now, perhaps folks aren't that interested in the wiki on this list (why,
I wouldn't understand--it's Icehouse's best resource). But if this list
is getting such low traffic anyway, who cares if we talk wiki, here?

>Or encourage more people to put the "Recent Changes" RSS feed into  
>their aggregators?

As someone who doesn't use RSS, I vote no. Again, it's not like this
list is swamped and we're hogging bandwidth or making a mess out of
discussions. Plus, many folks on this list make games for IH and yet
can't or won't edit the wiki--how, exactly, would they inform us or ask
us for help, via the wiki? It's a catch-22.

>It seems to me that the wiki is much better for  
>evolving a set of pages that can be treated as being relatively  
>static by the reader, while a mailing list is much better for back  
>and forth discussion.

Exactly. Though the wiki has Talk pages, they are NOT very good for
actual discussion (cross-posting collisions, no one reads them, too
many places to check/watch). I suggest considering Talk as a sort of
"Test" or "Drafts" page--to try out formatting or to pre-stage or
pre-qualify content additions--and continue discussions here on the
list, for higher-order things like, oh, categories and special page
additions and functional proposals and admin-only tasks.

As a particularly telling example, if the Admin Requests on the wiki
EVER got any responses, I'd have never started this thread or asked to
become an admin! So, if Admin Requests don't even get answered, how can
we expect various comments, "posts", or random user suggestions on Talk
pages to ever get any attention?