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[Icehouse] Xeno color mapping for Homeworlds

  • FromAndy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 03 Jun 2007 21:46:38 -0400
Hey folks! I need to make a final decision on this in the next couple of days, since I'm trying to get 3HOUSE sent to the printer on Wednesday. John is leaving this decision up to me, but what do others think?


Timothy Hunt wrote:

The colour mapping you suggest just didn't sit right with me.  I
understand why you chose what you did, in that it makes all the Xeno
colours fairly close to all the rainbow colours.  But there was one
particular thing that bugged me, so I sent a note out to the local

I have a question for you all.

Let us suppose there is a game where colour is significant (other than
it belonging to a particular player), like ooh, Homeworlds.  and let
us suppose that like Homeworlds it was originally written for rainbow
colours (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow).

Now let us suppose that you only have Xeno colours
(Cyan/Orange/Clear/Purple) (I'm ignoring black/white as they are both

What translation would you use to help keep things clear in your mind
as to which Xeno colours mean what?

What was most telling in the responses I got (matching my own concern)
is that there is a very strong correlation between Cyan and Blue.
Yes, if you map it with Cyan > Blue, it means you are forced to have a
weak correlation elsewhere, rather than having 4 medium correlations
as you have in the chart.  However, the Blue > Cyan correlation is so
strong that not having it is likely to create confusion, especially if
someone has played Rainbow Homeworlds and is now playing Xeno
homeworlds.  Indeed, in my experience of playing lots of pyramid
games, if Cyan is used, absent the Blue, people will call Cyan "Blue".
With Blue in play, they usually call them Dark Blue and Light Blue.

The most commonly suggested correlation absent any other information was:

	Cyan = Blue
	Purple = Red
	Orange = Yellow
	Clear = Green

However, Di Sudduth pointed out:
My first reaction is to say "look at a Martian Coaster" as the
correlations were set up when those were printed.  Right or wrong or
whatever, the standard was set...

She makes a good point.

In this case the mapping would be:

	Cyan = Blue
	Orange = Green
	Purple = Yellow
	Clear = Red

I'm not sure what mapping is the "right" one.  But I feel pretty
strongly that the "right" one has "Cyan = Blue" in it.


I see his points, but I still favor my mapping:

	Cyan = Green
	Orange = Red
	Purple = Blue
	Clear = Yellow

What do you think?

-- Andy