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Re: [Icehouse] XVIIIth IIT discussion

  • FromRoss Andrews <lists@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 13 Jul 2007 22:03:43 -0500
However, one thing I noticed about
one of the games that I would like to learn a bit more about is some
of the play by Ross Andrews.  I noticed mid-game that he had played
two Large pieces to one side, as if a mini shotgun.  At the end, I saw
that there were two attackers, which, if I recall correctly, were
attacking one of the Larges, thus icing it, but they had been played
with slanted attacks, creating a fortress in which Ross had a small.
I'm intrigued as to how this came about.  If Ross had played prisoners
there to create the fortress, my question would be why didn't he play
them so one was attacking one, and one attacking the other, thus
squandering them both? If someone *else* had played them, why did they
play them slanted, to allow the fortress to be built?  My suspicion is
that Ross played them,

That was the first IIT that I had played in where I really knew the rules of the game, so things I did may not have made any sense at all. In fact, I was extremely surprised I did as well as I did, and I'm sure that if more of the WTS had been in attendance (and not, for example, collecting Origins Awards : ) ) I would not have made it even close to the finals.


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