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Re: [Icehouse] Black Ice

  • From"James Hazelton" <jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 17 Jul 2007 23:04:54 -0500
Heck yeah it is! I got a couple games in with my girlfriend while waiting for the pizza, and one of them turned out to be really epic.

What we've been doing lately, to remedy the first player always winning, is to make it so that the first player only rolls 2 dice on his first turn. So far, it hasn't yielded any better results, as the first-turn player still ends up winning, even when the first two dice are SWAP and DIG.

On 7/17/07, Christopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Black Ice is an all-new easy memory/luck game for 2 players.
> Three smalls of unknown color are hidden under the three
> large black pieces in a row in the center, which represent
> secret code in a central computer. The players goal is to
> mark their black pieces with the correct color sequence to
> "hack into the computer."  Rolling all three Treehouse dice
> gives you a series of move choices that let you do things
> like peek at one of the hidden pieces, reset one, mark your
> own pieces, or move things around.  The game takes about
> 10 minutes.

Yeah, I played Black Ice today at lunch and I think we got about five games
in during our 30 minutes.  It was quite fun.

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