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RE: [Icehouse] Black Ice

  • From"Christopher Hickman" <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 18 Jul 2007 09:44:39 -0400
> Is anyone else finding that the first player always wins?

On July 11, James Hazelton wrote:

> I have noticed a few... I don't want to call them "problems," 
> per se. For one, I have noticed that the player who goes 
> first almost always wins. This has gotten to the point that 
> we don't keep score of wins unless the player wins when he 
> doesn't go first. Winning when you do go first is entirely 
> expected. This isn't merely a game fault, however. It's 
> become a full-fledged curse! There have been not one, but two 
> occasions when a player who went second is about to win; all 
> he has to do is tip and hop. He tips, sees the colour, hops, 
> and declares victory. However, the colour he just saw was 
> wrong! He loses and the player who went first wins. Here's 
> the kicker, though. In one of these incidents, the 
> tip-hopping player had a friend looking over his shoulder. 
> They both saw the colour and were both surprised to see that 
> it was wrong. The only conclusion that we can come up with is 
> that the game is cursed to foil the player going second. It 
> should be noted that the first-player is never foiled by 
> this. Has anyone else found that the first-player has a 
> distinct advantage? 

Which is why I was watching for such a thing.  3 out of five first player
wins didn't seem out of whack to me...

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