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Re: [Icehouse] online gaming (was Re: Shotgunning)

  • From"Timothy Hunt" <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 19 Jul 2007 10:04:47 -0500
> I can hear it now:  "Wait, wait!!  I'm lagging... I
> just wanted to.... dang, I was trying to snowball and now
> I'm overiced...

I think it would actually be really great for Xbox live.  I mean, they
released settlers of catan, why not some icehouse?  You know they have
the infrastructure to handle it.

Some of the pyramid games would be great.  However, Icehouse and
IceTowers, because of their "no turn" nature, would have problems
because of lag issues.  Not just that, but placing precision is so
important in icehouse, I'm really not sure how they would handle that.

I guess IceTowers *could* be done online, as timing doesn't seem to be
as much an issue as it is in Icehouse, but even so, a particularly
laggy player could have severe problems.

Any of the turn based games, however?  Shouldn't have a problem at all
(as Super Duper Games demonstrates)