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[Icehouse] Loco, Eco, Uh-Oh....

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 14 Aug 2007 08:13:22 -0700
I hadn't spotted the working name for the new set on Wunderland, but
having now gone over to read about it, this line struck me:

"If we do this, we're planning to call this third color scheme "Loco",
since it's likely to be a pretty crazy combination of hues..."

I wonder if that is still true, given how folks have (easily) shown that
an "Eco" set is possible with quite a few different colors (above and
beyond those already favored by Andy).

Further, Eco could fuel a game design that's not only mechanically
themed to be "set-oriented" (i.e. uses the die and colors and, ideally,
size and orientation/pointing) but also stylistically themed to be
"ecological." Something involving preservation and recycling, maybe, or
growth in general. That fits on two sizes of a tube, at 10 to 12 point

Besides... the aliens got the bizarre tones of their crystalline world
with Xeno; why can't we Earthlings get the colors of *our* world, now?!?
(Hmm... there's gonna almost HAVE to be a sea or sky blue, then, eh?)

Anyhow... just going nuts thinking about a whole new set and five new
stashes. GIMME!

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