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Re: [Icehouse] Move the Wiki, Even If It Means a New Domain Name (Warning: long and language)

  • From"Laurie J. Rich" <knitmeapony@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 19 Sep 2007 16:33:05 -0500
Hey -- I won't weigh in on the discussion, as I mostly lurk here.  But
I do have an unlimited hosting package with my host provider (which is
somewhat of a misleading term, bandwidth isn't unlimited, but I have
gigs and gigs of space and bandwidth so no worries) and I have
hosted/run MediaWiki and other wiki software on my site before (mostly
for RPGs I've run).

If someone can help me with technical details like redirects, I'll
gladly install a new subdirectory on my domain, install MediaWiki and
assign admin status to the suggested individual.

Note I'll only do this if the consensus is 'move' -- I don't want to
divide or polarize a group, I hate that kind of nonsense -- but I have
the resources if people are willing to put in the effort.


On 9/19/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am, if it isn't obvious, incensed. I simply can not believe this is a
> valid "admin-like" response to a site member's frustrations. That is why
> I am now calling on the list to decide, here and now, if this is the
> "leadership" we want moving forward with the Icehouse wiki. Absentee
> admin who snuffs out criticism and gags critics? Or a new wiki with
> responsive admins and no central owner to lord over the domain?
> Any domain I register I will give to the Looneys. Further, I will pay
> for the domain registration upkeep indefinitely ($2 a year ain't gonna
> break me). If someone can host, I say we start moving immediately.
> Perhaps Mike will be so good as to give someone FTP access to the wiki
> folder, to save us a lot of laborious copy and pasting (not likely, I
> imagine now).
> Kristin, Andy? I think you two might be the only ones who will have any
> influence with this guy. PLEASE... ask him to give it up to you. I think
> Brian will host for a while (ya?) and I've already promised to pay for
> the domain (yea, even if I am paying Mike to buy it from him--$1 for the
> rest of the year). It will cost you guys an e-mail, in the short term,
> and a bit of storage on your hosting service, in the long run (the
> domain name can be mapped to a sub-domain off Wunderland or LooneyLabs
> or an all-new web host space).
> In the end, the deciding factor is labor... and Mike--he could take the
> site down and effectively "delete" all our work; or he could save us
> many hours by allowing an FTP transfer of the wiki. If the list has the
> will, we can do it... if Mike doesn't screw us like he screwed me.
> Mike, if you're reading... you should be ashamed! You should know better
> than to try to silence someone like me, with such lame-ass, draconian
> measures. I ain't ONE BIT afraid to call a jerk a jerk... and I ain't
> ONE BIT afraid to give as good as I get.
> Iceheads... it's our move, if we want it. Otherwise, its SN:AFU with
> Mike and icehousegames.org....
> With the strongest of feelings;
> David
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