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Re: [Icehouse] IGDC Summer 2007 Rankings

  • FromAndrew Plotkin <erkyrath@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 26 Sep 2007 01:40:05 -0400 (EDT)
To prevent a recurrence of the late-night drunken 90-minute computational rampage, I have implemented the Condorcet algorithm as a Python script:


It gives the same answer as everybody got.

This is not the same script I used for the first four IGDCs, way back. That relied on some horribly ancient Python libraries, and it was a terrible pain to get working. This one is a simple script; it should
just run.

However, it does have a flaw in resolving complex tie cases. (Which generally appear with small numbers of voters.) It would have made a difference in IGDC#4. If I had used this script then, Armada would have come in slightly ahead of the Cold Spell/Spectra tie, instead of slightly behind. (I said at the time that the top four places were very close.)

Feel free to use this script in the future, with that caveat. I don't think the flaw will become very significant.


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