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Re: [Icehouse] Better variants?

  • FromRoss Andrews <lists@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 24 Jan 2008 16:49:33 -0600
The sudden talk of a major revision of Icehouse being better than the original version brings to mind the game of Speed Zendo that Dave Chalker introduced me to at Philcon a few months back.

For anything that my opinion is worth...this is a vastly superior game to traditional Zendo. The ability not so much to race to build Koans, but to be able build them at your own pace instead of waiting for a table's worth of Koan's which may or may not jive with your thought processes worked about 100x better with my brain. I found myself much less frequently frustrated and enjoying the game (second for second) much more than traditional Zendo.

I came up with this idea independently at the last Origins. A group of people came in playing Morton's List, with the quest of "solving puzzles". Not only does it move much faster, but it works very well with large groups, as sort of a Zendo party game.

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