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Re: [Icehouse] Does the IGDC matter?

  • From"Jason Spears" <spielboy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 21 Feb 2008 13:14:38 -0500
If the book was somewhere in the $20 price range, I'd probably pick
one up myself. (Or at least bug the wife to get it for b-day or
father's day.)

Having the rules already collated for easy use is key to getting more
of the designs played. If there is a pdf already out there with MANY
designs in it, I'd be interested in knowing, but a book is nicer, I
really like my Playing With Pyramids book would love others like it.


On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 12:58 PM, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > From: miyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx>
> > As a slight side note, i would *love* to have another physical book of
>  > games. ...but I still prefer having a physical shiny book to hold
> > in hand and admire.  It also lets me contribute (to some small degree)
>  > financially to the creation of indie book projects.
>  >
>  > Something like that is also something i could donate to our public library
>  > system to make it accessible to more people.
>  *Ahem* You hear that, Josh (or Kristin or Andy)? That's three sales of
>  lost opportunity already, and counting.

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