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Re: [Icehouse] The Empty City

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 10 Aug 2008 06:57:11 -0400
great review - Thanks Jorge!

here is the link, if others don't want to have to search for it:

--On August 10, 2008 Jorge Arroyo <trozo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Today I finished reading The Empty City, the book that as everyone here
must already know, contains what was the seed for the original Icehouse
game. I did enjoy it a lot and, because today I also managed to actually
play the game a few times, I decided to write a short review of both the
game and the book on BGG.

I think it's a shame that this game doesn't get more attention (if you
check its BGG page, practically all the forum comments are about the game
system, not the game) but I'm sure enjoying it the few times my
girlfriend agrees to play with me (playing with a handicap has helped, so
it may see more play in the future)



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