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Re: [Icehouse] monochrome stashes vs Treehouse sets

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Asked and answered.  Again.
Thanks, Kristin.


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--On March 3, 2009 swandive78@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Is the community still in love with the Treehouse selling plan?

The community was never in love with the Treehouse selling plan.

Retailers on the other hand are almost universally in love with
the new method of selling pyramids. Treehouse sells, the monochrome
stashes did not sell well enough in a retail setting to justify
continued production of the pyramid game system.

Would any of you be interested in a return to stash-based sales?

Yes. We all would. But by selling them in Treehouse sets the pyramids
have remained in print, and pyramids remain available for sale.

A return to stash-based sales isn't going to happen any time soon.
The volume of sales we get direct from consumers at our web site is
not large enough to justify all the time and expense and complexity
involved in having our factory package monochrome stashes.

What does the Lab itself have to say at this point?

There are all sorts of supply and production issues involved in
making packaging decisions - PLEASE believe me when I say that
Andy and I and everyone here at Looney Labs is dedicated to the
long term life of this product line.  We sneak new products and
promotions into the production schedule every chance we get, but
we also have to focus on the things that make money and keep us
in business...  so the card games get priority, and we can't do
everything we want to do with the pyramids as quickly as we want
to do it.  Give us time...  there is an exciting new boxed set
in the queue...  it just isn't going to come out as soon as we
or any of you want it to.

-Kristin Looney (she who makes pyramid packaging decisions)
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