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[Icehouse] ICE Awards 2010 post-mortem: Thanks

  • FromBryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 7 Jul 2010 20:13:21 -0400
Now that the ICE Awards for the best fan-made pyramid game of 2009 are
over, let's look back at the experience, so we can also look to the

I think that overall, it was a success.  In quite short time we were
able to figure out the new games for 2009, winnow them down to worthy
finalists, and then have a successful vote for a worthy winner.

The votes were rather few -- 13 in all -- but they were a valid vote
made by informed players, most of whom had played all 3 finalist
games, so I feel good about the results.  Quicksand, the winner, got 9
first-place votes out of the 13.  I got a few votes from email and
geekmail, and majority from people at Origins.  Thursday night and
Friday, I was able to teach several people how to play the finalist
games.  I was pleased at the interest they had in them.

The trophy was not hard to do: I got a nice-looking trophy at a local
store (Trophy Mart) for $9, broke part of the generic sculpture off
the top and replaced it with a tree of pyramids, glued together and
spray-painted gold.    The plaque for it is being made, after which
I'll ship it to the winner.  It looks good; I'll need to take a
picture of it.

So, thanks to all who helped:
- First, to all the designers (too numerous for me to want to name) of
the new games, for the fun they had and shared.
- To those who helped come up with the final list: Ryan Hackel, Scott
Myers, Bryan Stout, Eric Wald, Jeff Wolfe.
- To Andy and Kristin Looney, for their support, not only granting us
space and time but wanting us to have our moment in the sun.
- To all who voted.  You know who you are.

If there are others who deserve mention, please remind me so we can
credit them.

Bryan Stout