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[Icehouse] ICE Awards 2010 post-mortem: Evaluation

  • FromBryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 10 Jul 2010 13:04:54 -0400
Looking back on the first ICE Awards experience, there are many
thoughts I have about how we can approach it next year.  Please give
your own comments.


- I think the way we did it this year worked well; that is, a game is
eligible if
A) it is an amateur effort, ie designed by a fan as opposed to being
published by Looney Labs;
B) it appeared during the previous calendar year.

- I believe that we can require that eligible games appear on the
IcehouseGames wiki.  If anyone is aware of a game that appears
anywhere else (like BoardGameGeek, or individual websites), it is a
simple matter to add a wiki page pointing to it.

- I have mixed feelings about limiting finalists to one game per
designer, but I ultimately agree with it.  However, I do want to leave
the culling of multiple entries as late as possible.  If a designer
has come out with several good designs in a year, I for one would like
to know about them, and the designer deserves the recognition of
having multiple games making the semi- or quarter-finals.

- If a game from an earlier year has been significantly revised, I'm
willing to have it be considered eligible for an award in its revised


- Because of the short time this year, we had to go through the list
ourselves.  In the future we should let people nominate games they
think worthy of consideration.  I don't care if it's the designer or
someone else who nominates a game.  Perhaps we could add a wiki page
for nominees from the previous year, so people can list them there.
(The "New in 2009" page served that purpose this year.)

- It would be good to have a better system of being aware when new
games are added to the Icehouse games wiki, so we can start playing
them and giving feedback once they appear.

- In particular, I would very very much like the wiki to keep track of
the users' emails, like the Rabbit wiki and many other wiki sites do.
This would enable us to be notified by email when our pages on our
watchlist change, and contact designers of games (we never did contact
Robert Dudley, designer of Infiltrate and Stack Control), and probably
other important things.  Ryan, is it possible to add the email
ability, or is that something that must be decided when the wiki
software is installed and unchangeable afterword?


- I think it worked well to have volunteer Iceheads sift through the
nominees, to come up with the semifinalists and finalists.  It would
be nice to have a bit more participation, though.

- Having Origins in June leaves lots of time for judging.  One way of
handling it that occurs to me is to have the nominees added to the BGG
database, and people can rate them there; this would help with the
winnowing process and allow lots of people to participate easily.

- I would be good to allow a longer time for the finalists to be
played and evaluated; at least one month, perhaps two.


- Many of us would like to see these awards become an annual
tradition, both to recognize and to encourage the creative efforts
done with pyramid games.  Given the short time involved with this
year's effort, I jumped in and did much of the work.  I'm glad to have
done it, but for the sake of continuity we'll need to set up system
with different duties spread around, so that as individuals come and
go, the awards continue.

So, what do you all think?