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Wyatt, (and any other NC area iceheads)


I talked with a friend of mine from work – Rob is also from Statesville – and we would be interested in getting together perhaps on the 18th for a game-day.


I am not sure where a good get-together place would be, but we ate at Groucho’s last time I was up there, and they seemed to have a decent amount of room and they might be amenable. Rob also mentioned the Library. Do you know of any other possible places in the area that we might be able to game?


You can reply to me off-list (probably best) at disaac1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and we can discuss details.






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Hello Dan,

I am in Statesville NC.  I have been spreading as much word as possible about Icehouse and all of the games that it encompasses.  I would love to get a couple of people together a weekend or two a month for some pyramid slinging/sliding/capping/digging action. 

We are about fifty miles from your neck of the woods.  The best gaming store in NC is in Asheville NC (Blitzkrieg Games).  I haven't been to Charlotte much, just to see Trans Siberian Orchestra, and a Japanese festival or two. 

Let me know if your interested.

Wyatt Hensley


"Greetings Wyatt, and welcome to the list and the icehouse community

I take it from the description, you are referring to the Greensboro, NC area
(between Winston-Salem and Raleigh/Durham).
I am also in
 NC, but down near the Charlotte area. (I do see a Midland, NC
just east of Charlotte, but I don't think that is where you are referring
Unfortunately Charlotte does not seem to be much of a gaming community,
especially the northern Charlotte area near Huntersville.
However, I do believe that there is a larger gaming community around the
Winston area, but I don't know if there are any Looney specific groups up
So what games have you looked at and/or played so far, and what are your
thoughts on them?
Again, welcome to the group, and enjoy the games.
-          Dan"


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