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[Icehouse] Gnostica Help

  • Fromgyakusetsu <gyakusetsu@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 30 Aug 2010 09:08:19 -0400
Can someone go into a little more detail about the Void?

How does a piece get into the void, and therefore removed?

You can't destroy or move a card if enemies are on it, so that wouldn't do it.

We thought maybe it was via shoving (via a "move" card) a piece out into the void, but that seems to prohibit it since you can't push it to end in the void. (We noted, however, that it appears that the way it is worded is such that you could push it _through_ a void to destroy a piece (like from wasteland to void to wasteland to card, or something like that)).

I suppose you could destroy cards under your own pieces to make it happen?

Any clarifications?

Also, if people just don't play gnostica, and prefer zarcana, I'd like to hear that, too.

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