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[New-stuff] New Looney Labs specials and exiting stuff!

  • FromAlison <customer-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 20 Nov 2007 17:15:56 -0500
News of New-Stuff from the Looney Labs Landscape:

We've tweaked our online consumer specials for the holiday season! We still have the Computer promo card free with $25 order, but now, the free Flowers & Fluxx (and Computer card) is at $75, and at $100 you can get a free Purple Bag (and Computer card) so you can make yourself a custom "Big Bag of Looney Games!"
Amount must be before shipping is added.  Only one special per order.
You must add the Special to your cart yourself, it is not added automatically.

And speaking of which, we have a new Purple Bag! It's a bit smaller, and a darker shade, with the strap also purple, and the logo is in all white. We got it just so we could have some package deals again, for folks who want to get a selection of several of our games at a bit of a discount. Check it out! (Picture may not have been updated - it might still show the old bag)

Do you need EVERYTHING we make? Check out the crazy little stuff! We have recently collected a whole bunch of our slower-selling items which we are phasing out, and put almost all of them on deep discount to liquidate them. Many have already sold out, so hurry on over to our Closeout Items:

For all you Mormon Looney Labs fans, Covenant Communications has licensed Aquarius to produce their own Mormon-themed version. (Yes, they actually licensed it, and are paying us a royalty and giving us credit on the box. Yay!) It's called Search, Ponder, and Play, and of course the gameplay is rock-solid, since it's our own Aquarius. Instead of the five elements, they have five Mormon concepts illustrated with lovely color-themed photographs.

Good news for Ice-Heads! We now have a 3x4 Volcano-style board available, originally made for use as Binary Homeworlds "bank" stash areas, but also useful with ELBS for TwinWin, or any other game of your invention!

And last but not least, we have ELBS coming out of our ears! Okay, not literally. But Volcano Boards have been selling well, and for every board made, we get a lot of Little Black Squares. So we've packaged up some larger quantities. Check out MegaELBS (111) and Bulk ELBS (approximately 600).

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