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[Rabbits] [Event] Demo FLUXX Sunday by John McLaren

  • FromSuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 26 Nov 2005 14:51:53 -0000
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that John McLaren has submitted.

Title: Demo FLUXX Sunday
Location: All Things Fun!
Date: 11/27/05

Told People about the Game Day on 11/27/05. And some couldn't make that date, Holiday Shopping/Vacation. So I set up an alternate date for these individuals. We had a blast and played Fluxx, Eco-Fluxx and Family Fluxx. They all enjoyed and some, 4 even bought variu=ous copies of the game. They promised to let others know about 11.27.05 and I hope more show up to that event. I will be Demoing the Fluxx family, Ice Towers, and Chronauts on 11/27/05 along with The Wake at All Things Fun in West Berlin NJ. From 11am - 6pm we will be Dewmoing a whole bunch of diferrent games.