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[Rabbits] [Event] Techwood Con by Amy LoCurto

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  • DateSun, 19 Feb 2006 21:42:28 -0500
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Title: Techwood Con
Location: Atlanta
Date: 2/17-19/06

Last year I ran a quite a few games at Techwood, so I was really loking forward to going again this year.  They are moving up in the world, and held the con this year at the Mariott.  The con suite even had sushi and sticky rice!  So I went right after work and started running games on Friday night.  I probaly stapled about 30 Experiment badges onto people throughout the weekend and with the help of Robert and his two "future rabbit" trainees most people acheived at least 5 stickers. I also handed out "star" stickers each time you won a game, so your Experiemnt card showed not only the games someone had tried, but also the games they had won. Our big games included an UberChromonauts game, a full village of Werewolf that lasted about 2 hours and a Fluxx Tourney with 15 people.  I kept track of all the games I played, and minus AYAW I played them all. I even taught Cosmic Coasters! I know I ran through quite a few sheets of stickers.

I have been running Fluxx Tourney at quite a few cons and I think this method works well.  Seperate people into tables of 4-6 people, put different versions of the game at each table, play one game at each table then pass the decks (pass twice for three versions, pass three times for four versions)  That way everyone gets to try out as many versions of the game as available and there are more rounds to qualify for the semi's.  Everyone who wins a game in the qualifiers (first round) moves onto the semis (second round). I hand out glass stones to winners as markers.  Play as many games of Fluxx as there are versions, everyone who wins at least one game moves onto the finals (third round).  Third round - play the origional Fluxx and winner takes the prize / braggin' rights / etc.  Anyway, if you have a few players and multiple versions of Fluxx, this method seems to work well.