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  • FromSlev <slev01@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 11 May 2006 19:54:22 +0100
I'm hoping to be at the 'meet this year too. We could always run an experiment...

Nimrod Jones wrote:

I'll admit that while I didn't get to Bognor last year, I didn't particularly relish the idea of going down to a Butlins again. Minehead was scary. However, scary locations aside, it's more about the getting together, meeting friends and playing games that I miss. Oh well, there's always Dragonmeet for a one-day kick.

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    Maybe we can organise a rabbit meet up.

    I'm gutted, I was looking forward to gen con at Bognor again. Last
    year our group managed to go swimming in the sea. We were talking
    about trying to get as many people to join us as possible this
    year. A sort of live action finding nemo :)

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        Thanks for the link. I'd tried looking for the post on here
        since it was the logical place but somehow overlooked it.
Shame since this means that Conception has now been my only
        major convention this year. Oh well.

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            I got is from the consupport forum, heres the link



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