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[Rabbits] [Event] COSCon XVIII by Sheri Rockhill

  • FromSuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 15 May 2006 22:21:01 -0400
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Sheri Rockhill has submitted.

Location: Butler, PA
Date: March 10-20, 2006

This was our second year running Looney Labs games at COSCon. One thing we learned last year was that the majority of the attendees are there for 2 main events, the interactive RPG and the LARP; so we planned around them.

Glen and I arrived at the con about 30 minutes before our 9am start time. As we laid out the tie dye table clothes, we were joined by fellow rabbit Elliot Evans. Our first subjects arrived shortly after we finished setting up. They were waiting for their scheduled games to begin and wanted to try something new; specifically EcoFluxx because they played Fluxx and enjoyed it. We also showed them Just Desserts and Tree House. They enjoyed all three games. 

While Glen took some signs advertising our demos over to the dealers room to see if any of the dealers carrying our games would be willing to advertise the demos, Elliot and I remained at the table demoing Tree House to various players who were just passing by waiting for games to begin.

About 11am a married couple came over specifically seeking us out. They were in search of new games to play with their children and the friends they had came to the con with saw our demos on the schedule and recommended they try out our games. We started them off with Family Fluxx and played two games of that. They loved it! They also said it would help one of their children learn to think on their feet since they had a habbit of very linear thinking. T

Next we showed them Tree House because they were most curious about the colored pyramids. During our Tree House demos, the husband left to see if he could find Family Fluxx in the dealers room. He came back a few minutes later proudly displaying his new deck of Family Fluxx. 

By the time 1 PM rolled around, we added NanoFictionary and Just Desserts to the list of games we demoed for them. They were interested in playing all the games we had at the table after just experiencing Family Fluxx and Tree House, especially from an educational perspective for their children.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early. We set out our tie dye on a free table and prepared for another day of fun. Like Saturday morning, we were playing games with folks right off the bat. The married couple came back and brought a few of the friends with them. They wanted to try a few of the games they hadn?t played on Saturday. After playing two rounds of Aquarius, they went to the dealers room and bought a copy of that. We believe they also purchased a stash or two of the Ice House pieces before the dealers room closed. They stayed with us almost the whole four hours, joining in as we taught others how to play Fluxx, NanoFictionary, Tree House or Just Desserts. The only card game we didn?t play out of all the ones we brought was Chrononauts because the game lasts longer than most folks are willing to spend.

Overall, this year's demos at COSCon where a great success. The lessoned learned from last year's attendance at this small convention really helped us focus on the right time of day to capture the most number of people and we were highly successful both in terms of the number of demos and the instant turnover from demos to sales of our games.