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[Rabbits] [Event] Origins 2006 by Amy LoCurto

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  • DateMon, 3 Jul 2006 15:33:32 -0400
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Title: Origins 2006
Location: Columbus OH
Date: June 28 - July 2, 2006

I spent a great deal of time this year being more of a gamer, wife and mother than a rabbit.  Not to say I didn't spend time in the lab.  After several unsuccesful attempts to acquire a medallion though Fluxx and Chrono, I conceeded and went back to teaching others games.  I had a lot of fun teaching IceTowers and Volcano downstairs with the giant mids, as well as handing out pixie sticks with micro catalogs and of course coloring fruit and palm trees (thanks Tucker for letting me color!).  
Perhaps the best thing I accomplished was welcoming teachers into the world of Looney Labs through Looney for Learning.  It was great to see so many turn out for our seminar and Carol did a great job leading up the team of teacher Rabbits.  Thanks for an awesome convention!