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[Rabbits] Experiment Plan - Orange County

  • From<dbmarron@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 6 Sep 2006 11:23:55 -0700
To all Orange County Rabbits!!

I found a very nice game store in Laguna Hills called GameMaster. They have a regular Thursday chess night, where you can just walk in and play (they provide the sets).

So, why not a demo some Sunday afternoon/evening?

My problem: I only know Fluxx. Are there any OC Rabbits who:
1) Would be willing to teach a poor Blab Rabbit what he's missed out on, and
2) Would be willing to join me at the store?

I haven't spoken to the owner yet, but he was very nice when I visited. Here's the blog entry detailing my visit: http://tooold2bcool.diaryland.com/060901_35.html

Thanks all!

Dave (APPman) the Blab Rabbit

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