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Re: [Rabbits] Another rabbit craft idea

  • FromMolly Glenn <svengala_silvereye@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 26 Oct 2006 14:45:08 -0700 (PDT)
1) I'm not on the something list & the rabbit list is
the only one that's obvious to me about how to get on.
 I haven't read the list for a few days, so some of
this sounds a little late for your experiments, Evan,
but here goes for anyone who can use my experience:

2) To make a temporary handle/backing for a cookie
cutter, press the sharp side into a potato half.

3) Potato halves and erasers are good to carve and
stamp with.  Also, string glued to cardboard works
well.  You can also use block printing supplies.

4) If the fabric paint bleeds around beneath your
fabric, it often bleeds back up.  If you put something
absorbant, like paper, underneath, you have to be
careful about it drying & sticking on.

5) I think it would be best if the bags were somehow
specific to cosmic coasters, or specifically Loony
Labs, at least, not just spacey.

6) You could make square bags by sewing two square
napkins together.  18" is pretty big though,
especially for cosmic coasters.  You could cut them in
half into rectangles, and end up with two ~8.5" bags.

7)Iron-on isn't usually terribly durable, and it
impacts the fabric's hand even more than most paint. 
Paint is cool because you can tye dye over it and be
sure it will still show up.

8) Painting over a stencil works better than printing
over it with a brayer as if it were masking fluid.

9) Wash the dye you get on your hand off immediately
instead of waiting until you finish the process.  Then
you won't have to go to work looking like a
highlighter exploded when you squeezed it.



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