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[Rabbits] [Event] The return of the UberRabbit by Seth Ruskin

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  • DateMon, 23 Oct 2006 23:14:10 -0400
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Title: The return of the UberRabbit
Location: Ubercon, Secaucus, NJ
Date: October 20-22, 2006

Once again, I returned to Ubercon to run a series of Looney Labs games for them this past weekend. After donning my lab coat and rabbit-earred top hat, I ran the following events over the course of the weekend:

An InFluxx of Insanity (Fluxx) (Friday, 6pm - 8pm)
Armed with my very large Fluxx deck (containing cards from Fluxx [versions 2.x and 3.x], EcoFluxx, Family Fluxx, Stoner Fluxx, Jewish Fluxx, Christian Fluxx, plus every promo card I have [including this year?s and ?The Night Forest?]), I handed out my rules addendum sheets (?The Night Forest? rule, which cards are the equivalent of other cards, and which promo cards count as more than what?s listed [available for review upon request]). I had 4 new players and two ?familiar with the game but not all the versions? players. A quick overview and the game began. Oddly, we all drew a lot of EcoFluxx keepers paired with Fluxx goals. But after an Empty the Trash, the deck got a proper shuffling and a true mix appeared on the table. A couple of new goals were suggested (?Earth, Wind, and Fire? using the Earth promo keeper, the Air EcoFluxx keeper, and Fire from Stoner Fluxx, for example), the two experienced players eyed the cards from EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx, and eventually a winn!
 er occurred. She received a copy of Flowers and Fluxx for the honor (as well as a slew of promo cards). We then moved into a second game, which ran faster as everyone got the hang of play. The winner of that game earned a copy of Fluxx with Promo cards as well. I also directed the players to the dealers at the convention who were carrying Looney Labs games (though only the card-based ones).

Treehouse Demo (Friday, 11pm - Midnight)
I had an hour to kill before my next event, so I set up my Volcano board and Treehouse set at a free table in the gaming room. Treehouse was the game of interest, as I showed 8 people how to play over the hour. Though none of the dealers had brought pyramids, I again directed the players to go to those dealers with Looney Labs games once the dealers? room opened again (just in case they had them in reserve or something).

Are You a Werewolf? (Saturday, Midnight to 2 am)
As the midnight hour approached, 15 unsuspecting villagers assembled... well, more like 8 new players and 7 experienced players assembled to play a series of games of mob paranoia. Right off the bat, the players shifted into character (avenger mode) and bumped off villagers left and right in their quest to find the werewolves. I added bad puns and sarcastic color commentary when appropriate. Unfortunately, the seer was killed early and they weren't able to find the wolves in their midst and the werewolves killed everyone. A copy of AYAW? was given out to a player by popular vote and the players demanded a second game. This time, the seer lasted a little longer and was able to help in the eventual slaying of the werewolves. Though the event was scheduled for 3 hours, most players scattered at 2am and without new players about, we ended for the night.

Volcano and Treehouse (Saturday, Various pick-up games)
During moments of free time, I set up my pyramid sets on a free table. This had the immediate effect of drawing people. One person would request Volcano (usually a person who had challenged me last year) and the game would be on. I believe that 2 of the 4 opponents I had over the course of the day were either new to Looney Labs games, or Volcano in particular. Those that were intimidated by Volcano opted to try Treehouse instead. By midday, this was the more popular game, with each group of players opting for multiple games.

Zendo (Saturday, 1pm - 2pm)
Four new players sat down at the table to play. For fairness, I chose to use the rule cards supplied with the boxed set. The game took the full time, as the players came up with more and more complex rule guesses. Finally, one player weeded out all the extraneous conditions that others had placed and guessed the rule.  

UberChrononauts (Saturday, 4pm - 7pm)
Eight players opted to join up with the Time Repair Agency for this trip through changing time. 5 players were new to Chronomauts and all were new to UberChrononauts. The game started off slowly, as people got the hang of the game. But within an hour, everyone hit their stride. By game?s end, most players had 2 victory conditions (ID and Mission) and the hand sizes were quite large. Though I had opted to just declare my ID Crazy Joe (to make my win the hardest), someone actually forced me to switch IDs so that I?d have a chance to win.

Are You a Werewolf? (Sunday, Midnight to 2am)
Over the course of the day, I had people asking me if they could play in tonights game. When the moment arrived, I had so many people asking to play that I had to turn a lot away with the advice to return later to see if anyone dropped out. With a full fifteen players at the table, I reviewed the rules (I can't say how many were new and how many had experience), got group consensus on "no-kill" first nights, and we got underway. Like the previous night, the werewolves survived the first game (unscathed) and a copy of AYAW? was awarded to the player that basically led the villagers? charge into becoming puppy chow. In the second game, the seer quickly established that the people next to him weren?t werewolves. Afterwards, he?d let them know who was a werewolf when he discovered them. With them voting as a three player block (and luck on the seer?s part), they quickly eliminated the werewolves. In the third game, the villagers lucked out on killing the first werewolf early. On!
 ly when their fustration rose and one side of the table conspired to just systematically kill those on the other side of the table did they kill the second werewolf. Again, like the noght before, everyone broke at 2am.

Treehouse Demos (Sunday, various times)
Again, Treehouse was the game to play when I set up during my free time. I probably played 35 games with 16 people.

Fluxx (Sunday, 1:30p - 4p)
While running another event of a non-Looney Labs game (*blushes* Sorry guys), the convention staff directed a con-goer to me. She apparently wanted to play Fluxx with her friends and the convention didn?t have a copy of Fluxx in their game library. Earlier in the convention, I removed the EcoFluxx, Family Fluxx, and Stoner Fluxx Keepers and Goals from my deck (to make demoing easier), so I handed that over. Once my event was over, I headed over to observe. I was quickly called in to answer a rule question (Can someone use ?Torah? as their word for two card with the ?Hebrew Knowledge? Action if someone has ?The Torah? Keeper in play?), then waited for the game to end. They readily invited me in to play, as well as any straggler who wished to sit down. Though I can?t say I ?ran? this, it was my deck and I explained the source of some cards (as there were some Eco and Family Fluxx Actions in there, as well as lots of promo cards and Jewish and Christian Fluxx cards which most h!
 adn?t seen before) and how they interact. We drew in 1 or two new players to the game.

In addition to running these games, I walked around the convention in my lab coat and earred-hat distributing promotional materials, Happy Flowers, and singing the praises of Looney Labs games.