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Re: [Rabbits] Another rabbit craft idea

  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 23 Oct 2006 22:23:14 -0500
What I was talking about in regards to a cosmic coaster not looking as cool, is drawing just the cosmic coaster board shapes on a bag (as opposed to having the image of a moon behind it).

You could probably iron-on the whole image or silk screen the board on top of some other image if you wanted.

Hmm... what's the typical size of a restaurant napkin? And are you thinking of the Circle-embroidery-hole type bag, or the sew around and flip type bag? The ones that I made work much better with rectangular material than square because you'll end up with a really long shallow bag if you used a square...

You could also iron-on a cosmic coaster patch on the front of the bag... but having patches made would red-flag some IP issues.

Speaking of coasters... I was wondering if the color combinations for the martian coasters were finalized or not. I was just thinking re-arranging the xeno-rainbow matchups would be more pleasing to the eye (Yellow-orange, Red-purple, green-white, and blue-cyan)... That or have all the colors contrasting (yellow-purple, etc)

Other bag ideas:
I was also thinking of making a 3-house sized bag (one that will hold 3 tubes and possibly still hold all the pyramids too (in case you're at a restaurant and need to sweep away your galaxy before food lands).

I was thinking of making a bag with the 30-120-120-90 polygon shape for some appropriately sized martian chessboards, though the board would need to be painted on. Loops would be on the short sides (next to the 90 degree corner)

But yeah, rabbit craft stuff would be a perfect place for making bags. ooooh! Idea. If I can find non-washable ink, I could make some rubber* (foam) stamps with the cosmic coaster shapes on them... and then you could put the design on any bag with a light colored pattern.

That's all I have for bag talk now though...


On 10/23/06, Carol Townsend <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
This is a great idea - except that we're probably never going to do tie-dying at a large event like Origins.  It's just WAY too messy for the Lab.

However, the idea to do something "bag-ish" instead of "t-shirt-ish" is duly noted for next year!

-she who is wondering if bringing her sewing machine to Origins is a good idea.....


On 10/23/06, Maria Price < mudpuppy1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
ANother easy craft idea is tye-dye restaurant napkins.  You can usually find a restuaurant supplier that has TONS of options (colors & sizes) in cloth restaurant sized napkins.  You can tye-dye them & even sew them together to make adorable pouches!  It's a cheap & versatile craft that I used to do with my Girl Scouts alot.  :)  I found the manilla/creme colors worked best as white is often hard to find. 
Enjoy!  --Maria

On 10/23/06, Elliott C. Evans <eeyore@xxxxxxxx > wrote:

Evan P. wrote on another list, during a discussion of cloth bags:
> A cosmic coaster wouldn't be too hard (though it wouldn't look as cool),

Hmm, cotton bags big enough to hold a set of coasters and
some tokens, made in plain white (or unbleached) fabric,
with the Cosmic Coasters board layout screened, drawn, or
ironed onto them... tie-dyed during a rabbit craft session.

Somewhat smaller and easier to deal with than T-shirts...

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans
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