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[Rabbits] our games for sale in the huxters room at cons?

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 04 Nov 2006 08:53:15 -0500
--On October 31, Jim (<http://rabbits.looneylabs.com/?RabbitUserID=FiredUp1>) wrote:

As best I could tell, no vendors at this con
appeared to have been carrying AYAW

this is always a challenge, as overworked and understaffed as we always
seem to be...  but please keep this aspect of things in mind when you
are making plans to demo games at a convention.

if you can forward us some information about who vends at the conventions
you demo at, our sales team can work in advance to make sure they have
the games to sell...

so when you are at a con, and you see nobody is selling our games, look
around the hall to see which booth would be the best fit to be selling
them - and ask the owner for a business card so you can send us their
contact information and try to get them selling them for the next year.

And when you see a booth selling our games at a convention, please tell
them that Kristin says THANKS for selling Looney Labs gaems!