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[Rabbits] Martian Coasters Offset Question

  • FromAndy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 03 Dec 2006 16:51:49 -0500
Hi everyone! Sorry to be slow in replying, but there's just too much to do!!!

It was never my intention that players be allowed to place the coasters in "offset" positions. To me, it feels obvious that you can't do that. However, since it doesn't actually forbid this in the rules, and some people might actually like playing it that way, I could see a House Rule being developed to allow such placements.

I suppose I should have thought of this myself and said something about it in the rules, but you just can't think of everything. That's the thing about being a Game-System Designer: when you create flexible game components, players are destined to take them in directions you hadn't thought of. I think this may be making me lax about trying to think of every possible misinterpretation... after all, what I may deem to be an obvious "you can't do that" may turn out to be the key idea that leads to creation of some new, even better game for this particular Game System.

The point is, I don't like filling my rulesets up with statements about what you cannot do, because ultimately, I hate limiting creativity. That said, the answer to the question lies in the omission of the issue from the rules. If players were indeed allowed to offset the coasters, this option would be explicitly mentioned in the rules, and the finer points of it explained. Since I didn't say you can do so, you should assume you can't... unless you convince the group you're playing with that it's better that way, in which case, go for it!

-- Andy

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