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[Rabbits] [Event] Arisia 2007 by Brian Campbell

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  • DateSun, 14 Jan 2007 19:20:36 -0500
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Title: Arisia 2007
Location: Cambridge, MA
Date: January 12-14, 2007

Rabbit events at Arisia started out with a bang as we had Giant Icehouse from 5-7 on Friday, right at the beginning of the con, as most people were arriving. It was quite successful, with about 20 people in total playing pyramid games an several more stopping by to watch. We had 10 stashes in total, and so could play two games at once, but since it was too early for the other rabbits to show up I could sometimes only teach one group of people at a time. We played lots of IceTowers, a little Volcano, and a little Zendo.

Right afterwards, from 7-9 was Looney Labs card games demos. There were some technical difficulties, as I'd dropped off my stuff in someone else's room and then couldn't find them to get myself out. I finally ended up going to one of the dealers (Phoenix Games, the ones who had lent us the giant pyramids) and buying new copies of Fluxx and Aquarius, to hold us over until I could get my stuff, and we proceeded to play those. After a few games, I had to run to dinner, so the other Rabbits took over, and one of them actually managed to sell the extra copy of Aquarius I had bought. Luckily, I managed to get my stuff right before  running to dinner, so I left all of the games with the other Rabbits, and lots of them got played. People were still playing games after I returned from dinner, and indeed well after midnight, so I think it was a great success. Fluxx, Aquarius, and Chrononauts were all played. I wish I'd had a chance to play NanoFictionary; I really like that one.

On Saturday, we had tabletop Icehouse games from Noon to 2. We started off with a little IceTowers, and then by popular demand played tons and tons of Zendo (which makes me happy, since it's my favorite game). We also played a lot of Volcano, and had a few games of Treehouse. Sadly, I haven't actually gotten a copy of Martian Coasters yet, and neither had the other Rabbits, so we couldn't play that. Icehouse games also ended up going far beyond it's scheduled time, lasting until about 6 PM when we all went to dinner. 

All told, the con was a great success. There were fewer Rabbits than in past years, but we demoed lots of games to lots of people. I'd say we probably played with 40 people or so, at least 20 of whom were new to the games we were teaching. Apparently Chrononauts was really popular this year; most times when I went into the game room, there was a game or two going on, even when we weren't demoing it.