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Re: [Rabbits] Gray 'mids?

  • FromChristopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 26 Jan 2007 09:12:18 -0800
On Friday, January 26, 2007, at 12:08PM, "Don Sheldon" <don.sheldon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I was trying to place an order and I am concerned...  Am I doing
>something wrong, or are gray pyramids (temporarily I hope) out of
>stock?  There's no "order" button next to them on the Dangling Carrot
>(and yes, I'm logged in and can order all kinds of other stuff that I
>want less than I want my 11th stash).

I know this one!  I had the same thing.  You need to login first.