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Re: [Rabbits] Gray 'mids?

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 26 Jan 2007 12:44:26 -0600

On 1/26/07, Marc Hartstein <marc.hartstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
May I ask the reasoning behind needing to use at least one rabbit point
on orders from the Dangling Carrot?  I want to make a comment on the
policy, but I'd like to start off from a position of knowing what the
intended consequences of the requirement are.



The reason we restrict some of our merchandise with the requirement of "you must have at least one Rabbit Point to purchase this" is as a reward to our loyal fans who run demos and spread their love of Looney Labs games.  Our demo program is very different from just about any other manufacturer's program (and I've been a demo person for...hmm.... at least 4 other game manufacturers....ya lose count after a while...<g>).  And I truly think it's one of the best.  

One difference being is that we reward points just for being a fan.  You get 10 points *just* for posting a bio and photo on your rabbit page.  You never have to use all those points in a single shopping trip - so if there are 10 things in the Dangling Carrot that catches your eye, you're golden!  We've tried to put all the tempting stuff together in the Dangling Carrot (though there's some in the Short Run depot - which is more an indication of supply amounts than anything else)  so that it's not a frustration to those who aren't Rabbits.

By having some things restricted to "Rabbits Only!" it makes it rather special.  Only dedicated Looney Labs fans will have a Tirade pin, for example.  It's sort of a "I'm part of a club - I can get this cool stuff!" feeling.  We want those who do the hard work of getting out to stores and conventions and working for us (yes, doing demos can be a lot of work) to be rewarded in special ways.  We can't be at every event, giving out hugs and warm fuzzies ourselves - so we award points that can be used to get the nifty warm fuzzies that are especially reserved for you.  

Another advantage to Rabbit Points is that they can be used to defer shipping costs.  You may not choose to get any of the items which are marked with a carrot - that's cool!! - but we still wanted a way for those who felt like that to get some benefit out of the Rabbit Points.  Paying for shipping is that way.

Earning points is truly fairly easy - from setting up your Rabbit Page to running demos at your Friendly Local Game Store or Cool Local Convention - most people get all the points they want.  Check out this page for more ideas and thoughts:

We are always looking at refining and improving our Rabbit program, and thoughts/discussion/ideas on how to do this are always welcome.  We may not move on those thoughts or suggestions very fast (or seem to - stuff goes on behind the scenes all the time!) but please know that we adore our fans and want to make the Rabbit program not only the best it can be - but so it can be the kind of program our Rabbits want!

I hope I answered what you were looking for - if not, toss the question back out.  I'm here!!  :)

 - Chief Rabbit Wrangler