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Re: [Rabbits] Rabbit Only Items in Dangling Carrot (was Re: Gray 'mids?)

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  • DateFri, 26 Jan 2007 21:25:26 +0000
My thoughts:

If you don't have enough rabbit points to allocate even one to grey pyramids, go do another demo or whathaveyou.  It's fine to just BE a rabbit and not DO anything, but the Rabbit Point system was designed specifically to get you to DO things.  The Dangling Carrot is exactly that -- a reward that's shown to you to get you DO something.  If you don't have even one one rabbit point, then you don't deserve the "exclusive" stash of grey pyramids.

I like the system pretty much the way it is.  Heck, I would even suggest INCREASING the rabbit point requirements for some things in the Dangling Carrot.

It's not that big of a deal to me one way or the other.  I'm not a Rabbit because it'll get me cool collector's items.  Rather, to me, being a Rabbit is more about the non-material resources I have access to as part of the LL game playing community: 1) a list of like-minded Demo/Blab Rabbits filterable by state, 2) a home base during Origins, 3) an online community where I can discuss such things as new game ideas, rule minutiae, how-tos for running demos or events, etc.  I'm just not that concerned with five dollars worth of rabbit points here or there.  I rack up enough points each year to cover the minimum of anything I want out of the D.Carrot -- in fact, I dont' think I've asked for points for running tounaments at Origins '06 yet.  AND there's nothing in the DC that I need NOW.  I can wait until I've racked up a few more points if need be.


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> SO... I'm tossing this quick email out, saying 'got it!' and I promise to
> pour over it when I've got the time. Until then, I would SO love to see
> other Rabbits' thoughts tossed into the ring too.
> * Veteran Rabbits - what do you think?
> * Newbie Rabbits - what are you looking for?
> * Blab Rabbits - how will this affect you?
> * Demo Rabbits - what will spur on you to do more demos or find more venues
> to teach LL games?