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[Rabbits] [Project] Fluxx on a Label by Magi Shepley

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  • DateSun, 28 Jan 2007 22:48:04 -0500
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Title: Fluxx on a Label
Location: School
Date: January 2007

As part of the class project that my students have been working on, I created a method of printing a Fluxx card onto a 2x4 shipping label. The labels are available in clear or solid, but the clear ones are difficult to find, as well as being more expensive. The labels are available from any office supply store, and eliminate the need for spray adhesive (to attach a blank Fluxx card to a carrier sheet for a printer) and fixer (to keep the ink on the card once it is printed).  Both of those items are on my school district's list of toxic items that aren't allowed in the classroom.
The also makes it possible to make "bigger" Fluxx cards, in case you like to play with somebody who has trouble holding small cards (like some of my students!).  The labels fit on both 3x5 index cards.

Next Steps: Make the label sheets from the templates, and start putting pictures on the cards!  With luck, we'll be play testing soon!