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Subject: [Event] House of Games - Experiment by Diane Sudduth

This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that
Diane Sudduth has submitted.

Title: House of Games - Experiment
Location: House of Games, St. Peters, MO
Date: 2/23/2007

On Friday, 2/23, the new St. Louis Warren, led by our own RabBrit Timothy,
held it's first Experiment at the House Of Games in St. Peters.  It was a
smallish store, with a rather large cadre of "regulars" who appear to spend
a lot of their time there enjoying a LOT of games.  We started events
around 6pm Friday evening with several rounds of Are You a Werewolf?  First
round had a village of 11, I believe, by the 3rd game we were up to a
village of 15 with people clamoring for more.  Timothy made an *excellent*
moderator and fun was had by all.  We were able to run several games in
quick succession because this village was Uber-Quick to decide who to lynch
in the morning.  I believe that the werewolves won the majority of the
games, but fun was had by all.

With six (or was it 7?) rabbits at this event there were plenty of folks
who knew the games to go around, and we managed to stay busy playing games
for several hours.  After AYAW we split up around the store at the various
tables and started in on other games.  Fluxx made an early appearance and,
at my table, we played several rounds.  Folks were getting the hang of the
game and playing fairly cutthroat and the 3rd game ended up taking ... 45
min or so?  It was a looong game, but fun!

Not sure what was going on at the other tables, but after Fluxx I was
offering games to one of the newbies there and she'd never played any
pyramid games, so we started out with a 5-player round of Martian Coasters,
followed by a 4-player round of Volcano (which I *love*) and then did a few
rounds of Zendo.

Our last round of Zendo finished up as the growing desire from the group
for more Werewolf was becoming quite apparent.  By this point I'd been
playing games for something like 6 hours and was getting pretty beat, so I
bowed out and just watched a few rounds of Werewolf.  Again there was a
village of 15 and fast-lynchings and much laughter!  Meanwhile, in the
other room, a group continued on with Chrononauts.

I had a lovely time with a fascinating group of people who really seemed to
appreciate a chance to learn new games.  Having 6 (or was it 7?) rabbits at
the event was a LOT of fun!  Looks like we're going to be a fairly active
Warren.  Timothy is a rather ENTHUSIASTIC leader and is already lining up
other venues.  Just yesterday he found another Brand New Game Store and has
already begun talking to them about hosting an Experiment.

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