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[Rabbits] [Event] StarFest 2007 Little Experimen by Chuck Durfee

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  • DateMon, 23 Apr 2007 12:01:12 -0400
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Title: StarFest 2007 Little Experimen
Location: Denver, CO
Date: April 20-21, 2007

StarFest 2007 was my first gig as a Demo Rabbit.  I had a friend and experienced Demo Rabbit, Thor, at my side.  We held two events. 

Friday night was a 2-hour "Are You a Werewolf?" marathon.  From start to finish, there was a game in session.  I got to moderate quite a few rounds. And, we even had enough people at one point that we needed to play two separate games for a while!

Saturday afternoon was a Little Experiment proper.  There were several folks who came Friday, as well as a few newcomers.  I demoed a lot of different games: IceTowers, Zendo, Volcano, Chrononauts, and Aqaurius, and managed to give away several demo cards.  Other Rabbits had Fluxx, Nanofictionary, and Are You a Werewolf? going.

I think everybody left with a positive impression of Looney Labs. Perhaps the most memorable subject was a high school teacher who was well familiar with Fluxx and Treehouse and was looking for other ideas for her students. Several of our other test subjects were rather young, kindergarden-age perhaps.  The Treehouse-set games worked best for this age group, although Aquarius did well too.

For those of you thinking about doing it yourselves, I think Saturday could have had a better turnout in hindsight.  The convention had a designation in the program for kid-friendly events, which we should have applied for.  And, our room was down a hallway in which the convention's main draw (Leonard Nimoy) was signing autographs, which I'm certain made our event hard to get to.

Overall, I heartily recommend the experience!  It was fantastic to get to know some fellow gamers at the  convention, and to play some familiar games against some new opponents.