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[Rabbits] [Event] AYAW DEMO by Bob Winans

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  • DateMon, 21 May 2007 10:45:34 -0400
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Bob Winans has submitted.

Location: Centerfield Cards and Comics
Date: 5/18/2007

The demo was scheduled for 6:00pm.
The place was packed for a Magic-the-Gathering tournament.
 I showed up at 5:30 for prep, and found two people who were already waiting for the AYAW demo. I set them up with a Treehouse set, and showed them how to play. Between rolls, I set up everything else for AYAW and my Looney Labs display.
For the AYAW demo, I used an old style kitchen timer to set the time limit for the day cycle. It is great because it is noisy and gives a very loud DING when time is up.
The first game started with nine active players, and a few onlookers.
I used only one werewolf for this game.
Instead of killing off a player directly at the start, I had the villagers discover a body lying in the middle of town, not quite dead yet.

?It is another fine morning in your peaceful little town, until Gabby, the old prospector is found lying in the middle of the road.  It looks like he was mauled by some sort of animal. Gabby gathers all his strength, draws a ragged breath and yells ?WEREWOLF!?
Gabby is no more, but slowly, as the shock of what you just witnessed passes, you come to a grim realization; One of you is a werewolf! ?

Then is my cheeriest voice I said: ?So, what are you going to do now??

There was some hemming and hawing, and no lynching. After the next night when the werewolf took his first victim, then the accusations began to fly!

In the end the werewolf won.

There was a cycling of people and the next game had 12 people, and more onlookers.
I decided to start the game the same way, with the following changes. 
This game had two werewolves. After the prospector was found, the first night the werewolves were introduced to each other. The seer discovered her powers for the first time.

The next morning I suggested that people may want to ask more questions. They did so.
When the first accusation was made, suddenly everyone was pointing at everyone else.
It was great! One of the players decided that he would tally votes, one of the werewolves convinced the person next to him that he was the seer: ?how else would I know you?re not a werewolf??

The game ended when the werewolves over ran the town.

We ran one more game of AYAW, this time the villagers won.

After that game I ran some other demos:

4 games of Treehouse, 3 games of Fluxx, 2 games of Aquarius, 2 games of Martian Coasters, 1 game of Icesicle with 2 boards (4 players)

I gave away all of the Werewolf Etiquette cards, 12 of the micro catalogs, and 9 of my custom Icesicle boards (double sided with Icesicle board and rules on one side, and Treehouse rules on the other. I have a PDF available for anyone interested).
9 year old Griffin Gooseman walked away with a new pack of FLUXX cards as the lucky winner of the AYAW demo.

I also awarded the Earth and Piece on Earth Fluxx cards to Tim, who declined to give his last name and gave his age as over 20. (People are funny)

Finally, the Black Martian Coaster was awarded to Penny Robinson. (Which I found terribly funny, [She had never even heard of Lost-in-Space] which made it even funnier!)   

I followed up with the store owner, and found out that he had sold 1 set of Treehouse, and took an order for Aquarius, and Martian coasters. He also stated that he was going to buy a few packs of werewolf cards for stock.

All-in-all I think it was a success, and the store owner has invited me to demo again!

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