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[Rabbits] Icehouse World on the Intercyberwebspace

  • From"Chris Simms" <liquidbeard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 29 May 2007 09:41:10 +0100

Hi I'm Chris (or if you're talking rabbits I'm liquidbeard) and I am developing
a new site to do with Icehouse games!

It's on a pokey free site at the moment but I hope to take it somewhere better
if it takes off. I thought I'd tell you about it...

Please go visit, and make comment in the forums, or frolock through the empty pages while I frantically write in them. I'm intending to include rules for games, a glossary of Icehouse-related terms, a links page that refers to anything Icehouse, a news page with interesting Icehouse-related articles or reviews... so please leave your comments, ideas, whatever!

I don't just play Icehouse, I'm a big Fluxx and Chrononauts fan too, so if you'd like to see anything to do with those I can research some links and resources to expand the site with. I have to work during the day so updating can be slow for me, so please bear with me!


Happy reading!

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