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[Rabbits] [Event] DieCon 2007 by Diane Sudduth

  • FromSuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 2 Jun 2007 01:02:55 -0400
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Diane Sudduth has submitted.

Title: DieCon 2007
Location: Collinsville, IL
Date: 6/1/2007

This weekend marks, I think, the 9th annual DieCon tournament in Collinsville, IL, just a few miles across the river from St. Louis.  It's mostly an RPG gaming convention but they're trying to build board/card game interest.  I'd never heard about it before last year and had never attended until tonight, where I'd agreed to come be a Demo Rabbit for a 4.5 hour stint. 

As luck would have it I got stuck at work later than I'd anticipated and called to say that I'd be there as quickly as possible but would be late.  Nothing for it, work calls sometimes...  Somewhat sadly I arrived to discover that my tardiness wasn't an issue, as there was no one around expressing interest in my "demo track" on the schedule.  I set up anyway and looked around a bit.

I wasn't the only non-RPG "game master" without any interest, a few tables over a gentleman had set up Ticket to Ride and had no players so I went to join him.  A rousing game ensued (we were joined by our local RabBrit Timothy).  After T2R they headed to a quick dinner, I looked around, then took up station again, attempting to be available if any of the other games ended early and 'stragglers' were interested in joining us.  

Timothy and Chris (T2R guy) came back just after I finished my attempted first game of Cosmic Coasters.  Yes, it's sad, all this time with LL and tonight was the first time I've even attempted to learn the rules to CC!  Ever try to play RPS with yourself?  Can't really be done so I improvised with dice.  Interesting game!

Anyway, once Timothy and Chris were back we introduced Chris to Martian Coasters, then were joined by another gentleman (apparently a con organizer) (?? Jerry ??) for a long and fun game of Volcano.  

Though we'd not really played much it was getting late so I began to pack up while still talking with Chris and ?Jerry? when Chris mentioned that he'd never played Fluxx before, so stop with the packing and out came Fluxx for a couple of games.  True to form with 'newbies' Chris managed to win both games fairly quickly.  I gave out stickers and admittedly was pretty lenient with promo cards and a fun time was had by all of us.

As I was leaving I heard those *wonderful* words from Chris... "Will you be back tomorrow?"  To which I had to answer "I can't be (and his face fell) BUT two of my Rabbit-Friends will be at *this* table All Day tomorrow!  (Smile!)"   It might have been very, very light turnout tonight, but I think we caught us one new fan, and tomorrow is another day for my fellow rabbits!  Best of luck, Keith and Timothy!  (And special thanks to Timothy who "rescued" me from accidentally double-booking myself for the day!)