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[Rabbits] [Event] Pyramids Plus at Pandemonium by Dennis Duquette

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  • DateSat, 9 Jun 2007 20:36:19 -0400
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Title: Pyramids Plus at Pandemonium
Location: Pandemonium Books & Games
Date: 2007 June 07

I ran my first Looney Labs Demo in the arena at Pandemonium Books & Games (http://www.pandemoniumbooks.com/) in Cambridge, MA. This kicks off what the store owner & I hope will be a growing, weekly event.

I'm a mellow, low-pressure sort of person, so I wore my Mad Lab Rabbit badge clipped to my shirt collar and set up pyramids, the chessboard bandana and the card decks as attention-getting devices in the arena. I greeted folks that passed by or arrived to play Pencil & Paper RPGs nearby.

Unfortunately, only one person played any games, but he and I played many games over the course of the night. He came to the store that night after seeing the Looney Labs Night listing on the store calendar. He had previous experience playing Fluxx, but no other Looney Labs games. I suggested we try Treehouse first, describing it as a porting of Fluxx to the pyramids. Next he was ready for a deeper game, with the pyramids, so I suggested and we played two games of Martian Chess. After these he was ready for a card game. I summarized Aquarius, EcoFluxx (he had played vanilla Fluxx) and Chrononauts, and we played two games of Chrononauts. He was then ready to return to the pyramids, and we finished the night with a game of Binary Homeworlds. I gave him an Eco Fluxx pledge card, a micro-catalog and a copy of Ice 7 (None of these are available in the store).

As a first demo, this got me over my stage fright, although I would have liked for some of those who were in the vicinity to have played, and for more people to have shown.

I had bought Fluxx Blanxx while in the store. I am sure that no one bought Treehouse, Martian Coasters or Cosmic Coasters, but someone may have purchased one or more varieties of Fluxx that night.