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Religious Fluxx WAS RE: [Rabbits] [Event] UK Games Expo '07 by Jennifer Waddington

  • From"Nimrod Jones" <nimrod@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 28 Jun 2007 01:53:40 +0100
[I quote the relevant part of Jenny's report that spurred this thought.]

> This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an 
> event that Jennifer Waddington has submitted. 
> http://rabbits.looneylabs.com/?RabbitUserID=EvilKitten
> ========
> Title: UK Games Expo '07
> Location: Birmingham, UK
> Date: 2nd-3rd June 2007
> I also 
> had the opportunity to speak with some traders who were 
> interested in stocking more of the range apart from Fluxx 
> (the traders who did stock Fluxx at the convention sold out, 
> from the comments that came back to me on the Sunday 
> afternoon) - Nimrod did mention this in his report, but he 
> didn't mention that they would all descend upon me at 3pm on 
> the Sunday! 

Ah, now I remember something from the conversation with the trader that
I didn't put in my report. Had I remembered it I probably wouldn't have
put it in the report but I thought they made a good point. I'm not sure
if this is necessarily the right place to discuss this or whether this
is something that should rather be on the Fluxx list, however, since it
is something that came up from demoing I'll at least post it here and
let the moderators guide this.

It was mentioned to me that the other thing these e-shop owners didn't
stock was the religious Fluxx expansions. This was mostly due to the
fact that they felt uncomfortable stocking something which represented
only two religions. It's a valid point, I felt, since that's partly to
do with why I'm not particularly motivated to obtaining them myself. I'm
not Christian and despite my Jewish ancestry I'm not religiously Jewish.
In fact, the very "religious" type cards I might be interested in
including are not represented.

In the interests of diversity are there plans to develop boosters to
represent other religious or systems of belief? Perhaps Muslim, Hindu,
Buddhism, 'Paganism'? On that subject what about Scientific Fluxx
providing the (arguably) areligious take on things? (And for the record,
while I generally defer to a more scientific view of the world, I still
consider it a belief system based on the number of various theoreticals
about the nature of the universe. This is my personal opinion, YMMV.)
The possibililty of diversifying the religious expansion sets was a
point that I was directly questioned on.

I think that such diversity is more representative and, in fact, more
appealing to merchants who don't want to be seen as being
discriminatory. While it is unfeasible to expect Looney Labs to cater
for absolutely every religion out there Jewish and Christianity are by
no means representative of what one might consider the major religions
of interest. I know that with a wider selection on offer I'd probably be
more inclined to get them (or a selection), and I think that it would
have far greater educational value, especially from the viewpoint of
comparative religious studies.

Themed boosters are a great idea as a means of adding inexpensive themes
to your deck without needing to come up with an entire new concept to
support them; and I know thatt it would be nice to see other more
'neutral' themes released in this manner. But for now I can't help but
agree that the religious expansions seem ... incomplete with only the
two at the moment.

Am I alone in thinking this? Has anyone else been approached when
they've been demoing with this subject?